Nutrition Focused Exam

Malnutrition has been one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity. It has been the culprit of death among the people in the countries who belong in the very poor sector in terms of economic instability. As defined, malnutrition is an excess or deficiency of nutrients and intake in the human body.

Combating and decreasing cases of malnutrition is everyone’s desire since malnutrition is still raging. Health nutrition assessment is an important tool in the detection of nutritional problems. Underlying diseases are easily determined when this method is used because different kinds of assessment tools are being utilized.

Included in the health nutrition exam is a step by step process in which the clinical signs and symptoms are gathered. To serve as a subjective data, type and amount of food is being collected. In order to check for any abnormalities, it is a must to conduct a thorough head to toe physical exam. To follow is a laboratory exam to complete the assessment process. As a whole, this part of the exam helps to unravel and formulate treatment for diseases.

Professional dietitians also use health nutrition exams to determine what type of food or caloric intake an individual should have. The data gathered from the assessment can help them picture out the real underlying health problem. However, when the physical exam is not thorough, the detection of underlying disease will also fail, because it will still depends on the accurateness on the examination performed.

Still, we are the masters of our own body. And as an owner of it, we have to be very much vigilant of what is happening to it. With the use of the Nutrition Focused Exam, we can monitor the condition of our body from what we eat to really evaluate how we function as individuals.

Source by Gerald Salazar

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